Our Work

1010 Corporate Solutions

Creating a platform promoting Corporate Solutions for SME companies

Our Role

Web Design & Development, CMS Development

Creating a platform promoting Corporate Solutions for SME companies

1010 is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Hong Kong. They are dedicated to empowering the digital transformation of enterprises, as well as pioneering the introduction of emerging technologies to the community in Hong Kong. They continue to expand their capabilities and aim to showcase their technological strengths to SME companies so that they will be encouraged to join 1010 on their technological frontier.

With that in mind, we helped to design and develop a website that acted as an entry point for SME companies to learn about 1010's digital corporate solutions and to sign on should they choose to utilize 1010's services. We developed the website to be fully responsive to keep in line with modern technological standards and we used a lot of strong, graphical set-pieces to create a visually stunning design that would invoke this sense of heightened technological prowess and futurism.

Along with the graphically impressive front-end, our professional team of developers have also designed a comprehensive and easy-to-use CMS back-end for 1010 Corporate Solutions, as their team required the ability to constantly update their information as they strive to stay on top of the latest advancements in telecommunications and technological solutions. This way, 1010 Corporate Solutions will always stay ahead of the curve against a competitive technology market, ensuring that their services will be best-in-class in the industry.