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Kerry Pharma

Redefining Pharmaceutical Logistics

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Responsive Web Design, Web Development

Redefining Pharmaceutical Logistics

Kerry Pharma is one of the Asia’s biggest pharmaceutical and healthcare 4PL companies and is well experienced in handling pharmaceutical products, healthcare supplements and medical devices.

FLIPS Digital's role was to revamp their old corporate website into a new, fully responsive design. There's a wealth of information that Kerry Pharma wanted to present, so our goal was to focus on the UX and properly compartmentalize the content so that it's easily accessible and has a clear hierarchy so that the user knows which information they need to pay attention to. The UI was designed to look more future-forward and progressive to match the ideals that Kerry Pharma wants to present through its brand. Overall, our work has helped bring the Kerry Pharma site to a more modern standard, helping it stand out amongst its competitors and attract potential new clients.