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Little Habs

Guiding little ones through their educational journey

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Web Design, Web Development, CMS Development

Guiding little ones through their educational journey

Little Habs is a learning centre that provides a "whole-child curriculum" that guides children to take bigger steps as they age and progress in their learning. By focusing on a wide variety of skills and abilities, children undergoing this program are sure to become more well-rounded individuals as they begin their formal education.

We were tasked to create a new website with a focus on enhanced User Experience to ensure that users had easy access to the wealth of information presented on the site, as well as creating a robust CMS system so that the content publishers could easily update and adjust content to their liking without any additional development work. We enhanced the UI to make it appear more lively and appealing to parents with young children, whilst creating a clear, definitive UX so that users can immediately see information that Little Habs wants to highlight. With our redesign, as well as our construction of an all-inclusive CMS, Little Habs is now able to showcase itself as a fantastic place where parents can take their children to kickstart their educational journey.