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Learning Habitat

A showcase of quality early childhood education

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Web Design, Web Development

A showcase of quality early childhood education

Learning Habitat is a kindergarten that provides an all-rounded learning experience for children in their early childhood. By providing a bilingual, child-centred environment, children can enjoy their learning and be ready for further primary education. 

FLIPS Digital has created a user-friendly website for parents and educators. They can easily visualize how children learn and grow in Learning Habitat's educational environment. By creating an easily navigable UX Design, parents can quickly and clearly find important information without any issue, ensuring ease-of-use for the site. The website also contains an easy-to-use form that is highlighted via a call-to-action that encourages parents to enrol their children into Learning Habitat's program. Overall, our work is able to showcase the very best aspects of this institution and promotes the benefits of having their children go through the great programs provided by Learning Habitat.