Our Work

Pacific Coffee

Bringing one of Hong Kong's most beloved coffee franchises a visual upgrade to stand out in the market

Our Role

Website Design & Development

Bringing one of Hong Kong's most beloved coffee franchises a visual flourish to stand out in the market

Pacific Coffee is a leading and well-known coffee chain in Asia, originating from Hong Kong with a growing store networking in Hong Kong and China. Pacific Coffee is a well-recognized brand, serving some of the best coffees in Hong Kong and with a solid history of innovation, they continue to transform their brand digitally.  

Keeping in line with their stance on keeping up in the digital world, we helped to design, develop and revamp their old website into something contemporary and modern, all within their company branding. Previously, their website was not responsive but with our development, we have designed their new website to be completely responsive, so whether you're browsing on your computer or mobile, it looks and functions just as well. 

We have let their beautiful coffee and food photography shine, giving customers a taste of what they offer as well as incorporated animations into the design, making it much more refreshing when customers browse through each section or page by page, making it a much more enjoyable experience. With our professional team of developers, we helped to design and develop the frontend as well as backend for Pacific Coffee, including their loyalty system and added a new e-commerce feature where customers can purchase a membership card and top it up. A further feature that we added to the website is that customers can pre-order merchandise, so they never have to miss out again!