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Shangri-La Wedding

Where couples can begin their next chapter

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Website Design & Development, CMS Development

Where couples can begin their next chapter

Shangri-la Wedding provides wedding services for couples who want to get married in Shangri-la hotels all over Hong Kong. It showcases the venues and offers for couples to plan the wedding of their dreams. By providing information and valuable tips for planning weddings, couples can be well-prepared for their big day. 

FLIPS Digital designed a website that not only provides information and services to potential customers, but also helps instil an intimate and romantic mood through the website's illustrative and creative design. The aim was to emulate the feelings and emotions that couples will go through on their wedding day. The website is also built with a carefully considered User Experience so that potential newlyweds can easily access information without having to go through multiple layers of pages. We believe that when users enter the Shangri-la Wedding website, they will feel heartened by the sense of warmth provided by the tone of the site and encouraged to hold their nuptial ceremony at one of Shangri-la's many amazing locations.