Our Work

V2 Wellness Group

Redefining Personal Health

Our Role

Website Design & Development, Art Direction

Redefining Personal Health

V2 Wellness Group is not your typical gym. V2 offers highly private and tailored one-on-one sessions for its members from all age groups to better their physical health in terms of their body shape and fitness. They acknowledge the rising demand for therapeutic sports treatment from an increasingly young age bracket, which is why V2 was founded. 

The V2 brand is minimalistic and sleek, which is what we had in mind when designing their website. They have a lot of information to offer to its users, so we wanted to design the website in a way that engages the user with the latest design trends and also offer a seamless user experience making it an interesting experience for the user when accessing the website. Not only did we design and develop the website, we providing a photography service. We understand that digital users rely on photos and visuals before signing up for a service or buying a product so through our photos. The photos shown on the website are important as it says a lot about the brand and what it offers. Through our photography, we wanted to let users see the space they can work in and the facilities and equipment V2 can offer, which as a result entice users to become a member.