Our Services



We are a branding agency in Hong Kong and we believe that branding is the starting point to any successful business.

With our services, we aim to help companies clarify their brand positioning and establish their brand architecture. We help brand build by forming the company branding through successful branding designs to make sure your message is consistent from day one, after all the branding leaves an everlasting impression on customers and clients. We create a solid brand identity design by first, defining your brand values and positioning and then communicate these through visual techniques such as designing a memorable brand logo to convey a specific message, designing timeless name cards and constructing document templates adapted to your company style and image. All in all, through branding design strategies, we are able to establish the company branding and construct a brand identity that leaves an unforgettable impression for your company.

At Flips Digital, we trust that first impressions matter which is why we provide a logo service where we aim to create a unique and memorable logo design in Hong Kong that's well suited to your company. We understand that a company logo speaks a thousand words and identifies your company in the simplest form, which is why through your brand’s promises and values, we create a company logo design that is easily recognisable from a glance, but is also one of a kind. Whilst taking your company’s branding into consideration, we offer a brand logo design that triggers consumers and clients associations to your company.