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Behind the scenes of many websites for different types of businesses and mobile applications, there is a content management system (CMS) which the website relies on so the digital marketers can manage content across the website making web administration much easier and simpler, which in turn reduces time and costs.

We understand that businesses will have new items, photos products and content to add to their websites in the future, which is why we provide a custom content management system that are easy to use, so our clients can streamline publishing content and web design.  Your site content and workflow are working together simultaneously, continuing to meet changing requirements. 

Plus, our CMS websites are SEO catered, which means your web pages can be easily optimized for search results without bothering technical team.  With our CMS professionals who are experienced in content management system software, we can make managing web applications and app applications much easier for users.  

Flips is proud to be one of the partners of Sitecore, Kentico Xperience and Kentico Kontent in Hong Kong.

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