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FLIPS digital is a web development company based in Hong Kong, with an experienced team who can build website, eCommerce sites, mobile development on android app and ios app.

As a web development company in Hong Kong, we understand different companies have different requirements for their web applications.  In a growing digital world, having a web application platform is the starting point and foundation to success for any company.  A successful web application development does not only provide information about your company to its target market but also makes it easy for them to access too.  Transforming a web design into a real life website isn’t easy but with our professional and experienced team of developers, we are able to turn beautiful designs into user-friendly interactive web platforms and provide user engaging web application developments for different companies and brands, allowing your website to stand out from it’s competitors.   

Users are moving beyond the web and turning to mobile, which means mobile development is becoming increasingly important and efficient, as it allows consumers to easily gain access to their favorite brands and companies on their handheld devices.  We provide app development services so our clients can communicate to their target market across all platforms.  If you’re looking to implement mobile application development into your business, our experienced mobile app development team can turn carefully designed pixels into interactive and easy to use mobile applications for android and iOS platforms so companies can enjoy an increase in user engagement, an increase in user visibility and even improve sales and conversions.   With our professional expertise, we are able to craft mobile applications that work and deliver a great user experience. 

Android is one of the most popular mobile platforms out there, which is a reason why all businesses should consider android app development to allow easier access for the consumers who use the android platform to keep up to date with the company.  Our android mobile app development team can build android app development and create android apps for businesses of different natures.  Taking your business requirements into account, our team is able to turn your web applications into android application developments so your company is able to spread its brand awareness and increase customer loyalty with a user-friendly android app.

With so many iPhone users across the globe, the iOS platform is another popular choice that users will use to gain access to their top brands and companies.  Which is why businesses nowadays should implement iOS app development into their strategy if they want to reach an even wider audience.  We have a professional iPhone app development team that is experienced in crafting visually impressive iOS apps that users will find convenient and easy to use giving your company a chance of an increase in brand awareness and chance of growth in sales.